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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 6, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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return. the biggest speech of his life. > president barack obama. >> former political rivals, now president obama's campaign near hief. > he has rformed extremely ell under very difficult ircumstances. >> on tv. >> we need to keep gng with his plan. >> now athe mocratic convention. shley judd calling clinton's peechch -- a game changer. >> saying there is a reason the presidt burieded the hatchet with his wife's formal ival. > he speaks to the voters that arack obama is not doing that ell with. clinton might have a regret. > he is wishinge wasn't up gainst the football game. >> tomorrow all eyes will be on the current president. eva longoria with a.j. in charlotte today, she will take the stage before mr. obama tomorrowow. getting people to get excited
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is and what man e's done for us. >> no empty chair next to you? >> no. not going to have empty chair. >> nown a rare interview obama's sister, maya and michelle's brother breaking news. omorrow's outdoor acceptance peech moving indoors because of a thunderstorm threat. >> i understand the president will do a conference call with all of the folks that can't be here. >> for the first time clearing pup an obama mystery. >> for the first time clearing up an obama mystery. >>e grew up in hawaii but he doesn't surf. >> the best surfers are low to the ground. there are a lot of people that were really impressed with ow he caught that wave. you have to give him props for that. >> the president reaeally hoping for props for his speech tomorrow night. >> and coming up, , michelle obama's fashion statement. we have the woman who designed er dress right here in new york. let's talk some rumors starting with jessica simpson. >> she is very open and honest about her struggles to lose the baby weight. > my body is not bouncing back
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like a super model. he first look at jessica stepping out in l.a. and the ifirst ords about her body to get her ody back. he reportedly gained 70 pounds while pregnant. he gave in to all of her cravings. >> kraft mac and cheese, pop arts. captain crunch. afterwards. >> spotted in tightly fitted exercise clothes she confessed er main workout walking about seven miles a day but admitted she can't run because her chest is too big. all of this to earn her $4 million weight watchers paycheck. next week here first ad revealed. >> this prince harry sto is like a soap opera. >> we heard from the blond beaut that he claimed she made out ith the party prince. >> now her ex-husband says she is lying. ot about t the story but about
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er age. she told "people" magazine she is 32. urrently she is 40. >> t.m.z. got the original snap. >> screaming out i am going to do a michael jackson impression. > brand-new picture of katie olmes in new york that is with ystery man. > she was spotted out with jeremy strong in the big pple going to a broadway play. they were in the movie the romantics together. .s.c. weekly reporting the two are just friends. et's move on to jennifer udson's new interview with oprah. >> she invited oprah in her home n chicago and gets motional talking about the man who was convicted of killing her mother, brother and nephew. >> i can'tven get over it. > what did you think?
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>> i think she is brave for doing it. >> we look forward to that. mario, back to you. >> today i am here at the peninsula hotel grabbing a ew interview with my buddy, kim kardashian hen shehe was to the hot seat t the view. > do you want mriage? >> divorce. >> what is your biggest regret bout ththat time? > a litittle insecurity thrown in. >> what part of yourself do you not like? >> kim kardashian grilled the ladies of the view. in stride. getting very upset with me, i know. >> the $38 million woman getting a complete closet makeover rom kanye west. n "keeping up with the ardashians." tradeoff is if i got rid my clothes, he would fill up my closet. >> when you find someone that u feels your perfect match. > i think so. >> have you talked about children? >> at the space i am in life now kids are definitely something i want. >> the most followed person on nstagram.
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sexyg to tweet ictures. >> even she does not love her always on display body. > covering the stomac >> next week on "extra,"," kim aashian one-on-one. my new sit-down about all of the rumors. anye rapping about kim's sex tape. oh, boy. it is at >> believe it or not the kardashians are not the most talked about family right now.. that would be the kennedys has more on camelot eadline-making months. > the late e ted kennedy takg center stage in charlotte. >> the hope still lives and the ream shall never die. >> a moving tribute at the emocratic national convention remindg the nation of the power and sacrifice of the nnedy clan. > we are filled with pride f what he represented. >> taking on rumors that ted alled connor kennnnedy's new girlfriend a kennedy roupie. >> is there any truth that? >> who said that?
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> we love taylor swift. at she like busy spending time ith our family is that she can be herself. >> we dug up this footage at sundance back in january ttending a screening of ethyl the new hbo cumentary. >> why should i answer all of hese questions? > why should i answer all of hese questions? >> we are making a documentary bout you. 94-year-old kennedy matriarch reports she set taylor, although she loves the idea of in the family. balin happy ethel agreed rory do the movie. ethel is s not someone who the worktake a bow for he' done. she's very private. something hard to be in merica's most public family. and taylor swift is just one lining up to rs off her new ng season. bringing back an but goodie. death again.
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at "ellen" k peek season 10. from en takes care of you you get herere. >> jen aniston. biebs. positivety that's so ontagious. and justin ez timberlake. got the best gum. great finger kisser. a finger kisser? hollywood's biggest stars giant n'swown ew season. doing? are you stuff like that ll the time? there will be huge surprises. one, simimon cowell and breaking ears news.tor" in the house. witherspoon and having a tea party. better way to celebrate a tv's fabulousness then open the walk of ame. y career to make walks all over me to point where people wall all over me. and warner b brothers pictures
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prouder, ryan and cheering her on too. your friend.ot is my friend. come on, jimmy, there's us. h ellen for all of launches nexext monday. up next -- at home with baby lorenzo. our pop culture pop quiz at d.n.c. they name this meatball?l? i have no idea. then -- of fashion scorecard for obama. this dress.hind real played the dress shine. fish nets, stilettos and britney's "x-factor." plus, crazy video, renee of t have taken this game too far.hairs a little "extra," brought to you by --
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-- britney's hot with her man and first move in their
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>> all right. we are bacin new york city. rabbing the cover of the new "people" magazine snooki and er aby boy, lorenzo. maria, renee, don't you love his little guy? check out the chubby cheeks. like that cross right here. >> sounds like you want another little one mario. >> i like the shoes with the blinged out italian flag. >> of course lorenzo should have itian flag shoes. big weddingi said a in the worksmentnt "people" is n the newsstands friday. of getting ng posing with ney is her fiancee. our "extra, xtra." pics, brit behind
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microphone in a blue leather braless and bedazzled pants. looks better bedazzled. magazine with brit and trawick.ason britney who made first move in their relation hep. relationship. zoe sending thear aren't they speculation overdrive. rlly great friends. an ork with mazing artist. like you're losing our voice. totally sick. ithin time. >> music's most outrageous en who notd by go threw. house. g down the gearing up for tomorrow's awards, mtv moving time to avoid going up prez's speech. heartbreaking news -- pening up the how. sent rihanna out there
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first. the crowd and warm up bit. le she's up for five awards this big buzz, she will stage with chris brown. you, they will row. ting in the same co-hostichael from nfl tting love buddies. >> good guy. an infectious smile. a par trigsthere's his smile. an inspect infectious smile. famer dean sanders at pepsi nfl kkoff event in artists like are debuting kson hometown to the eam. all-new episode competition "oh, which is basically full chairs and right to new york, here own challenge on at grove. now? how are you feeling bruised, mario but 7-year-old boy was throwing elbows. i played fair.
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could call it an "extra" homecoming. the host of the game show "o sit," and tamika ray. [applause] you.t to see >> hi. to see you. all, that's probably new title ever of the tv show. it like that. it.t. say want in a ng you competition. usical c chairs. for you, number eight! to get in the "o sit" own t, we're playing our chairs. al > what's up? > i'm hosting! in the first round but we sitter who's "extra" very own renee. >> oh! ladies! here. , sit!it
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ou're good though! > thank you. congratulations. totally knocked off "the oice." our seat! congratulations. to check out "o sit" nights on the cw! [applause] -- couture king renta's fashion first lady. the looked wonderful. and "extra's" pop culture pop d.n.c. the name that to une. me a call baby. friends with giveaway. keep watching for your chance to win. now, brad paisley and underod host the 46th c.m.a. awards s november 1.
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nominees at "extra's" like no other show on television. arnold schwarzenegger! pheaa vergara! snooki, get up here, girl. making, news making. day, new stars. ery day -- jennifer lopez. live event. gives you a tra" show for toment. for entertainment.
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>> next "extra," president obama's family gives up one big secret from his speech and why michellele's brother never hought she woulmarry barak. next > we are back here in new york ith more on the front page story here. michelle obama, she is a hit. maria, what are you doing sitting down on the job. >> busted. that's have the same shoes the first lady wore last nightht. check how cute these are.
2:52 am
i had to have them. > maria, they don't call her he first lady of fashion or othing. while the political experts breakdown her speech we have the biggest names in fashion reaking down her looks. >> nine standing o's and one ncredible mom-in-chief. mrs. o. on a mission to make mererica fall in love with er husband all over again. >> our monthly student loan bill was higher than our mortgage. >> all decked out in a custom made dress. o a few different from. to choose didn't know until she stage.on the dress shine.the > mrs. obama's rhubarb colored pumps by j. crew, blowing website today. rock arms, he
2:53 am
last y difrent from ann romney long sleeves. totally charming later. >> a perfectly charming lady. >> mrs. romney's designer criticized michells style in the past. >> mrs. obama looked g great. i said she looked really wonderful. >> he was loving it back at the white house withth the kids. ext up the former commander inn chief. all eyes will be on bill clinton tonight in charlotte. > while the delegates know heir politics we wanted to see ow much they know about pop ultur starting with who is j-lo's oyfriend. do you know who j-lo's boyfriend is? > casper. >> b bingo let's see how they did in harlotte.
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>> i know it does not end with anthony. >> i don't know. >> can you name snooki's baby? >> i have no idea because i do not watch snooki. >> something ridiculous, i don't know. >> which show did britney spears join, "american idol" or the x factor. >> "american idol." >> oh, god. i am older than i thought. >> "american idol." >> "american idol." > x factor. > and finally finish these lyrics. his is crazy, but here isy number. >> give me a call baby. >> call me maybe. >> oh, boy. onow i ll have that song stuck in my headll day. t is friends with benefits time. it is a star beauty secret. he bibiggest beauty breakthrouh nner luster promises to whiten teeth up to six shades in one hour. who wants iter teeth here?
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>> "extra" is like no otr show
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n television. t is always an event. >> wasn't that amazing? > that was awesome. >> well, that will do it for "extra" here at the eninsula otel. tomorrow we will have mariah carey and gwen stefani here in ew york. it is the start of fashion week here in new york. next "extra" president obama's family gives up a big secret from his speech and why michelle's brother never thought that she would marry barak. next "extra." action i love telling big stories about big heroes. but, at the end of the day, real life is better than any story. every day they make the sasacrifices for their countr; for my country; for my son's country.
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instead of here. if you still think there strength in silence, talk to your doctor about your options and learn momore at tune in to hep c dot com.
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we will talk about that. a new season under way. the familiar safety concerns as always. later, parents part of a photographic trend. the staging involved for that first day of school picture.
3:02 am
why it is getting to be, oh, even more elaborate than it used to be. my kids are going to school on friday for the first time this year. and, yeah, just going to put my foot on their butt and say see you later. >> good-bye, kids. summer is over. >> i don't remember elaborate photos, when i was grog up. get on the bus. >> usually, kindergarten, the picturen front of the yellow bus. >> i will send a quick fact. producers go crazy. my mom and dad followed the school bus to my first day of kindergarten. followed the bus to take pictures in my kindergarten class, at countryside elementary. mom and dad. first, vintage bill clinton. for sure. powerful, emotional, heavily ad-libbed, and long over the time limit. >> just 2 1/2 times over the time limit. his job to close the so-called enthusiasm gap. abc's karen travers is joining
3:03 am
us from charlotte with more on the speech. hi, karen. >> reporter: hi, paula, rob. this arena is empty right now. last night a couple hours ago it was electric in here. bill clinton brought down the house. he said the choice for voters is clear only president obama can keep the country moving in the right direction. ♪ >> reporter: after a rock star welcome. former president bill clinton made his case for president obama who watched the speech from inside the arena. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside. but who burns for america on the inside. >> reporter: while republicans say the president has filled to fix the economy, clinton said it's not that simple. >> he inherited a deeply damaged economy. he put a floor under the crash. he began the long, hard road to recovery and laid the foundation for a modern, more well balanced
3:04 am
economy that will produce millions of good new jobs. >> reporter: a message aimed squarely at middle of the road voters who are disappointed in president obama but still haven't committed to romney. president obama and clinton have had a rocky history. but with the president's popularity ratings the lowest preconvention for any incumbent since the 1980s, the obama campaign knows the big impact that clinton could have. >> bill clinton loves to be needed as much as he needs to be loved. he is really needed by barack obama right now. >> reporter: president obama will make his sales pitch to voters here in this arena. that was not the original plan of course, rob, paula, but because of weather concerns, democrats decided to move it inside this arena. they say they will not let that rain on their parade. >> a lot of folks thought they were going to hear the president, won't be allowed in, it doesn't seat as many people. did bill, the big dog do his job in his speech last night, karen? >> wow, rob, paula.
3:05 am
he had people hooting, hollering here. everyby was on their feet. he really got the crowd revved up. this was also a well-crafted speech. he used humor. he used a couple anecdotes. folksy, vintage clinton. this was also a very direct response to the republican criticism, over the last couple months months. he took the romney/ryan tech it on directly. talked about his administration and prosperity of the 90s. he didn't overshadow the president. the risk with bill clinton. he starts talking he can keep talking as he did and that overshadows president obama the main man for this week. he didn't do that tonight. there was one grate lean we didn't mention in our piece. he said, president obama has ability to reach out across the eel to reach out to rivals. he said look he appointed people to his cabinet that supported hillary clinton in the primaries. heck, he even appointed hillary clin clton to his cabinet. hillary clinton is not here, traveling abroad. they all loved it.
3:06 am
bet you could hear the cheering over there in asia. >> bill clinton made the point about republican obstructionism in congress, factor, made his point about bipartisanship. also had to tackle the bigger to whether americans and the country are better off than four years ago, how did he delve into that last night? >> rob here, asked the question directly. before he answered it, he let the crowd answer it. everybody started cheering. are you better off today than four years ago? they went nuts. a resounding yes. he went through bullet points of policy. president obama invested in america, infrastructure, education, resources, that helped america be better off now than it was four years ago. he said the health care law. that is an important factor to kid whether or not you are better off than you were four years ago. he said look things aren't great. but no president could have come in and fixed that dismal economy in just four years. that's why you need to give president obama four more years to do it. and it was a very strong case. and you really got the crowd
3:07 am
into this. rather than answering it himself. he said i will put that question to you. man did they give him a resou resounding yes. >> enjoys elder statesman status. making the case. karen travers live for us this morning. thank you, karen. enjoy our political discussion on our facebook page. it has been very active since last night's speech as it always is during an election year. check out let us know what you think. the most controversial part of arizona's tough new immigration law can now be enforced after a judge's ruling. that means police in the state will be required to check the immigration status of people stopped for other possible crimes. civil rights groups had argued that doing so would amount to racial profiling. a sad story from hawaii where an australian tourist has been sentenced to probation in connection with the death of a teenage girl. tyson dagley not paying attention riding a jet ski last month and slammed right into the
3:08 am
16-year-old girl who later died. dagley pleaded no contest to charge of third degree negligent homicide. >> i'm not looking for justice. i'm not trying to make this guy suffer. but i need for him to understand there is a consequence to every decision we make. >> she also says she has forgiven dagley, that's what she believes her daughter would have wanted. he must pay $78,000 in restitution. his record could be wiped clean in just a year. moving on now to the storm that just wouldn't go away. a broken off remnant of isaac is now making a second appearance in the gulf of mexico. the disturbance nicknamed the spawn of isaac, could organize into a new system over the next couple days and get a new name. that could mean downpours, flash flooding from louisiana to the florida panhandle. hour cane leslie is creeping through the atlantic this morning heading to bermuda. 75-mile-an-hour wind on track to make landfall over the weekend
3:09 am
as cat 2 storm. leslie not expected to hit the u.s. michael became the seventh hour cane of the season but no threat to land. a relatively light year for tornados, but we have seen dozens of twisters in the past week alone. we have isaac to blame. >> reporter: remnants of hurricane isaac are dumping rain, 9 inches in the past 24 hours in new jersey. and spawning twisters. this is cell phone video of a funnel cloud forming in cherry hill, new jersey. isaac has been a tornado maker since its landfall. this one, in gulf port, mississippi. and has left a trael il of twiss for days, arkansas, missouri and illinois. but even with all of isaac's action it has ben a surprisingly light summer for tornado thousands. the severe storms laboratory in norman, oklahoma now saying it is the quietest year since the 50s.
3:10 am
the crippling dome of heat and drought are the reason. no rain means no storms. creating fewer tornados. that's why isaac with 67 tornados in nine states is so remarkable. sam champion, abc news, new york. the hot, dry summer is taking a toll on the christmas tree industry. hundreds of young evergreens are dying at farms across pennsylvania. an historic drought is killing thousand of trees in the midwest. despite the loss, farmers say there should be enough christmas trees to go around come december. >> that's good. i'm looking forward to a fresh tree this year. just don't want to step on the needles. it's painful. >> pa pain to clean up. >> one of the things described as cool for lack of a better term. on youtube, extension of a viral video known as every day. >> the video shows the photographer, you guessed it, every day since january of 2000, when the original spanned six years. tuesday he released an
3:11 am
extension. now that video encompasses 12 1/2 years every single day. >> amazing. the new video through one month every three second. 19 when the project started. he is 32. i would love to see this with the presidents of the united states. and see them age. just over four years, maybe eight years. >> look like different men when their term is over. that's for sure. ever see how gray, president obama has gotten. difference between '08 and now. staggering. will look like george washington if he gets back in office. coming up next, the medical study could be a game changer for pro football. >> grade school glamour shots. you heard us right. parents posing their kids in elaborate back to school photos. what's be hind the trend? you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care.
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welcome back. the elephant in the room for years, concerns about severe and
3:16 am
long term head trauma in nfl players. >> now a new study involving thousand of retired players shows death rates from brain disease are far higher than that of the general population. here is abc's chris cuomo. >> reporter: it is a sport derived from warfare that is all about violence. espn sports science says crushing blows look this can be the force equivalent of a sledgehammer blow to the head. one study found average player takes 900 to 1500 head shots a season. we all know what happens out here on the football field, the pass is thrown, player makes a catch, couple quick moves then explosive collision that makes the crowd go wild. but what we are learning abut what happens to the players witness they leave this field may be even more shocking. the study find former football players suffer a higher risk of death from brain-related diseases. four times more likely to die of alzheimers disease or als than the general population. >> there is a possibility even high school football players have experienced more than one
3:17 am
draw matic brain injury might be at risk for developing neurodegeneration lateren life. >> reporter: the rate of death varied by player position. quarterbacks and running backs at higher speeds were three times more likely to die from a disease from damage to the brain than linemen. the nfl is donated $30 million to fund research into brain injuries and other issues. for all the research, the most pressing question for families sending kids out on to the field this fall is one without an answer. how can players be protected from the violence that is central to the game they play? chris cuomo, abc news, new york. >> in this study from the journal of neurology, looked at death certificates. 4,400 former nfl players with five years experience between 1959 and 1988 it can lead to a
3:18 am
condition that chris henry a former bengal never had a concussion. upon his death found cte. players have to look out. >> recent examples, junior seau, some of them taking their own lives to not deal with the, aftermath of the diseases they get on the feed. something to keep in mind as we all cheer on sunday afternoon. still to come, a phone brand dialing up a come back. >> nokia and its splashy smartphone. can it put a dent in iphone
3:19 am
♪ >> a brand you probably have not heard about too much lately is trying to make a come back. >> the nokia phone that may have been one of your first, wants to
3:20 am
be your latest. more now from the bbc's rory kelen jones. >> reporter: believe it or not this used to be cool when it came to mobile phones. a revolution came along, people wanted something else. stop a new yorker and ask them. what phone they have? >> an iphone. >> an iphone. >> an android. >> reporter: what kind of cell phone? >> iphone. >> ever thought of getting a nokia. >> i had one years ago. >> translato >> reporter: do you know any one that has a nokia these days? >> no. >> reporter: nokia hopes this phone will mark it as a force. the phone runs with the windows phone 8 software. microsoft whose boss dropped in on the launch.
3:21 am
nokia claiming this is the most advanced smartphone with features including a state of the art camera which does a pretty good job of image stabilization. then there is, wireless charging. put it on there. it starts charging without plugging anything in. the trouble is, nokia has got to make its voice heard above all the noise from apple and. android. next week excitement and the iphone from apple. coming months will be crucial for nokia. nokia's investors weren't too thrilled. consumers will decide whether the fallen giant can rise again. combined, samsung and apple make up 50% of the global smart phone market. there is such a stranglehold on it. really not a relevant third player in the game. >> i would have thought the number would have been higher. 50%.
3:22 am
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♪ oh i need some one to read me stories ♪ ♪ oh someone to turn the page >> welcome back, everybody. the past couple days your facebook feed has probably ben filled up with pictures of your friend' kids on their first dee of school. i am waiting for your picture from kend kindergarten. >> just the tip of the iceberg. some parents are outdoing one another setting up elaborate poses. here is abc's cameron mathisen.
3:26 am
>> reporter: like scores of moms around the nation, brenda of irvine, california is busy getting ready for the start of another school year. there is a lunch to pack. forms to fill out. and a first day of school photo shoot to prepare for. >> there we go, that's the shot, yeah. >> i am always surprised how much it makes a difference, preparing a little photo. it seems silly, some times forced. i will look back and say i remember that. amazing how much you forget. >> reporter: brenda is a growing number of moms who the first day of school photo is no longer an afterthought. >> i wish i had photos growing up. my parent have one or two photo albums. they're all, faded and badly cropped. it is special i can do this for my daughter. ♪ >> reporter: from coast to coast, moms are capturing first day of school in unprecedented style. michelle maddock, founder of the
3:27 am
site, momfind says social media is behind the increasingly elaborate photos, with pinterest, facebook, twitter, it becomes a competition. who can be the most creative and take the best pictures of their kids. >> reporter: lauren says she used foam form, an exacto knife and spray paint to create a series of first day photos. >> just nice for the kids to have something when they're grown up and showing their kids this is what i did every day on the first day of school. >> reporter: the moms we talked to say these first day photos have come a long way from the sort of thumb over the lens candids their mothers snapped a generation ago. but the priceless sentiments, that first day excitement, those first day nerves, remain the same. cameron mathisen, abc news, west jordan, utah. >> very sweet, creative. if you have got the team to do it.
3:28 am
kudos to all the parents out there. >> there is. >> what the heck is that? >> my first day --
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- a hearty endorsement and huge embrace. >> bill clinton nominates president obama for a second term in a fired-up, free-wheeling speech that many are calling simply masterful. it's thursday, september 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good thursday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. the highlights of president clinton's speech and reaction in a second. a big night in charlotte. also this half-hour, a pretty scary scene here. a teen trapped in a storm drain. we'll hear what his ordeal was like while he waited for rescuers to arrive.
3:31 am
then we know that a lot of adults -- i have used melatonin to help me sleep, help you sleep. rob did you take it before the show? >> uh-huh. >> it's impossible to recover. now, more and more parents are giving this natural supplement to their kids. is it safe? i am interested, personally, to hear about this. usually giving my kids benadryl. if there is something natural i could give them. without being -- >> benadryl, bourbon. whatever. >> whiskey, vodka. >> here you go, junior. later, robert pattinson, kristen stewart drama, it has taken a new turn, and what the mtv music award will bring. coming up on "the skinny." tough when a breakup plays out. on the public stage like that. their is particularly messy. >> you have not been the same since the news of the fallout. >> emotional wreck. >> i'm here for you.
3:32 am
first on this thursday, former president clinton enjoys huge approval ratings on his speech and it showed why. >> it was powerful, passionate, and pretty partisan by a man who still knows how to work that room. with more on this, here is abc's terry moran from charlotte. >> the big dog and the one. an extraordinary historic moment. >> we are here to nominate a president. and i've got one in mind. >> reporter: bill clinton was back and democrats loved this moment. >> i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states. and -- i proudly nominate him to be the standard bearer of the democratic party. no president, not me, not any of
3:33 am
my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all of the damage that he found in just four years. >> reporter: there is such drama in this moment, beyond that stage. clinton, obama, 42 and 44. and barack and bill, while never becoming buddy, buddy, discovered something deeper. something rare. so as bill clinton went on and on, some of the passion in his argument came from the solidarity shared by the men who have occupied the oval office. >> in the end we decide to champion the cause for which our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes their sacred honor. the cause of forming a more perfect union. my fellow americans, if that is what you want, if that is what you believe, you must vote and you must re-elect president barack obama! god bless you! >> reporter: terry moran, abc news, charlotte, north carolina.
3:34 am
>> he did what they wanted him to do, rile up the base, appeal to white working class voters. the president has seen support among the group dip. clinton was there to kind of win them back and remind them of the good economic times when he was in office. that's why you saw the president get out there. he wasn't in charlotte to kiss the wife after the speech. but there to hug bill clinton to night because they wanted that image of saying look, here is bill clinton, here is barack, try to link the two. and, win over voters. a very important image. the picture they want to see on front pages today. >> there was a little discord within the democratic party earlier in the day. one of the chairs admitted when they had to introduce god and jerusalem into the platform. a little bit of booing -- debbie wasserman shultz said there wasn't any sort of dispute. and cnn's anderson cooper, an alum here on wnn, said she was living an alternate reality. but they even admitted there was a bet of an unfortunate stumble.
3:35 am
but seemingly, that is all over now. >> both parties have had platform issues. republicans took a hit, adopted a platform, ban on gay marriage, ban on abortion, all cases here. both parties have had, you know, planks and platform to defend, democrats after the controversy corrected theirs. we will see how it proceed. >> we will. >> we will. there were other speakers before the former president took command of the stage. warning. women's health care advocate warned mitt romney would not stand up to extreme elements of the republican party. and elizabeth warren said the president gets the middle-class. earlier abc's david muir spoke exclusively to caroline kennedy. >> one of the interesting things i saw on the campaign trail this year, were so many people who had votefor my father in 1960 r the first time were out there again this year. and talking about president
3:36 am
obama. and just as committed as ever. >> get this, the first democratic convention since 1944, which does not include an elected member of the kennedy family. >> republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan supports prayer in public schools if approved by the states. ryan says it is a constitutional issue for states and a moral responsibility of parents. it is not clear whether mitt romney agrees with ryan's position on that issue of prayer in schools. separation of church and state. >> always a hot debate. >> always a very hot debate. let's just not go there. may get in trouble. >> hot debate is the abortion issue. didn't get primetime coverage last night. spoke before the networks joined in, remember the name from the rush limbaugh controversy, we saw her advocating for coverage of birth control. a pretty biting speech, one of the lines, talks about what america would be like under
3:37 am
president romney. an america in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it. politicians redefine rape so survivors are victimized all over again. got the crowd whipped up. the women's vote is so critical. moments like that, despite lack of primetime coverage, issues, voters still have to wrestle with. >> arizona is one step closer to implementing the most controversial part of the immigration law. a federal judge refused to block the show me your papers provision that requires police officers to ask about the immigration status of people who are stopped for other suspected crimes. civil groups argued that provision amounts to racial profiling. a man in florida was arrested outside a movie theater while dressed as the joker. police say christopher sydes was taken into custody because of an outstanding warrant, not because of how he was dressed, no connection to the aurora colorado theater massacre. sydes never threatened anyone,
3:38 am
he has a history of mental issues, and several previous arrests. an ohio teenager alive and well after a dramatic underground water rescue. 14-year-old, jeff laporta riding his bike near cleveland, fell into a creek and got sucked into a drain. his friend ran for help. the water carried him 1,500 feet. rescuers assumed they would be recovering the 8th grader's body. when they called his name through a manhole he answered. >> it was dark. it was scary. it was nasty. it was like somebody was like -- putting you in a big whirlpool and -- and spinning you around and getting your head knocked on the wall. >> laporta said he thought he was going to die. amazingly suffered a few cuts and bruises. lucky kid. >> very lucky kid. claustrophobic person's worst nightmare. >> thursday's forecast, heavy rain from lingering remnants of isaac.
3:39 am
still talking about the storm and effects being felt along the gulf coast. storms from atlanta to charlotte. showers from fargo to duluth. spot yo thunderstorms from l.a. to albuquerque. >> we may be feeling the spawn of isaac, right, triple digits, phoenix to dallas. 90s in the southeast. 80s from omaha to new york. little sports at the olympics in london. usain bolt proved he is the fastest man on the planet. here what is likely the fastest robot. >> there it is. off and running. the cheetah robot once galloping up to speed on the treadmill. look out. top speed is over 28 miles an hour. believe it or not, that is about half a mile per hour faster than the aforementioned fastest man on earth. how do you like the cheetah robot now, usain? look at the thing go. need to build a robot to keep up with usain. >> point of the cheetah robot is? >> you tell me.
3:40 am
>> i don't know. >> just for you know what and giggles, i don't know. but it looks fast. coming up next, the hype leading up to yet another major apple product launch one week from today. >> some parents call it a magic pill sold over the counter to put your kids to sleep. is it too good to be true, especially at this hour. you're watching "world news now." ♪ make him the cutest that i've ever seen give him two lips like roses and clover ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. ♪ mr. sandman ld news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. ♪ mr. sandman we know a place where tossing and turning
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we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at welcome back, welcome back, everybody. mamas know and so do dad-- it is not always easy getting your kiddos to sleep at bedtime. mine stall for two hours usually. now women have discovered a natural supplement, not whiskey or vodka, a supplement they say can give kids a regular sleep schedule.
3:44 am
>> it is melatonin, a an over-the-counter dietary supplement, not yet approved by the fda. that is raising big questions about whether it is in fact safe. abc's juju chang has more. >> reporter: it's the dreaded bedtime ritual. getting your little ones to quit stalling and go to sleep. jessica banks' two sons had chronic trouble sleeping before she discovered an over-the-counter all natural cure. >> before we started using melatonin on the boys, bedtime was an hour's long process. >> reporter: banks gives 10-year-old connor and 6-year-old griffin, 1 1/2 milligrams of melatonin, a manufactured sleep hormone every night before night-nights. >> we have had it cleared by multiple doctors as having no interactions or research to affect long term effects. >> reporter: the older son has been diagnosed with autism, kids with autism can fall asleep
3:45 am
faster and stay asleep longer with the help of the supplement. >> within 15, 20 minutes you can tell the tension would fall out of his shoulders. >> it is really one of the most powerful chemical messengers that lets your body know when it's time to sleep. >> reporter: melatonin is naturally produced by your brain, the hormone that helps your body rest. the manufactured version can provide the body with a higher dosage helping stimulate faster sleep in some people. but because it is not fda approved some doctors expressed concern just because it is natural doesn't mean it is safe. >> there are essentially no long term studies looking at possible side effect down the road. >> reporter: experts say in some cases over-the-counter melatonin can have side effects like headaches dizziness and daytime drowsiness. banks says her boys haven't had those reactions and for her family getting a good night's rest is worth the risk.
3:46 am
juju chang, abc news, new york. >> that is going to bring us to this morning's facebook question. >> we want to know how do you help your kids when they have trouble sleeping? we have sleep debates and home remedies on this show all the time. i'm a tylenol p.m. kind of guy myself. but whatever works, hey. >> can't give the kids tylenol p.m., can't give the hot toddy, my mom used to do that -- honey, lemon, whiskey. i used benadryl once and it had reverse effects. for my children. it had the reverse effect. it can, in rare instances have the reverse effect which is amps them up. never again. >> made them more hyper. >> uh-huh. >> can't wait till i have kids. coming up -- >> payback is a you know what. >> i know it is. american idol auditions begin with one judge at the famous table. >> chad johnson gets feedback he didn't want to hear about his new tattoo. all next in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. time for "the skinny" here. following this for weeks, drama, robert pattinson, kristen stewart, cheated on him with the director of the movie. this whole ordeal. apparently, they will appear together at mtv video music awards. but, only on the screen. she is actually in toronto at film festival there. but him, he will be, robert pattinson there in person at the awards show with taylor lautner and other members of the cast, to show 90 seconds never before seen "breaking dawn 2" they will be together there onscreen. he will be there in the flesh. she is in toronto. that would be awkward. if she was actually there. >> everybody wants to see a reconciliation. at least all the fans out there. you and i, are we really hinging all our emotions on this whether they reconcile? >> a lot of teens out there are. i don't get it. she messed up. see if she is forgiving. if they get become together.
3:50 am
>> jessica simpson, apparently is telling "us weekly" that she is ten pound away from her pre-pregnancy weight. we reported yesterday that she hadn't divulged. having a hard time. my body doesn't bounce back like a supermodel. but according to "us weekly" she shares what she is eating. gets up at 7:00 a.m., feed her baby. eats breakfast, a half flat bread sandwich with egg whites, peppers, fat-free cheddar. exercising four times a week. her waist is going in. her thighs are getting smaller according to her trainer. the big reveal on katie's show in a couple days. all right. more couple news. evelyn, chad johnson's soon to be ex-wife. got the new tattoo. doesn't look like there is going to be any reconciliation. though he ink his calf for her. she is adamant it is over. you can't repair this. she told people exclusively. not right now. after his arrest he went on twitter and said, divorce, child, please that is my wife.
3:51 am
to another user. i don't give a flying pretzel in skittle rainbow hell what she filed for. awe >> didn't know there was a rainbow skittle hell? >> a lot of people get tats. i don't understand that. all right, good luck with that. he head butted her allegedly. you kind of get why -- she is like later. drama on "american idol", auditions start in new york city in two weeks. one judge signed on. as we reported. mariah carey signed on for $18 million. the only one. apparently the producers want nicki minaj, and keith urban, the deal is not done. randy jackson, moving on to another role, has not signed his deal either. so, apparently executives of the show want four people on the panel instead of the normal three. american idol, two weeks away from starting things and lots of question marks. >> quick couple news, katy perry and john mayer broken up. reportedly. she was drunk texting him.
3:52 am
not so fast, tuesday night -- they were spotted leaving a dinner date in l.a. and canoodling. at a concert in downtown l.a. saturday night. maybe their friends with benefits. whatever is going on. maybe it's not over. >> her body is a wonderland. atever is going on. maybe it's not over. >> her body is a wonderland.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ on the video phone ♪ on the video phone ♪ on the video phone >> well the apple rumor mill is buzzing again. this time the word on the street is a new iphone is on the way. >> yes, it is. abc's neal karlinsky follows the hints to find out what apple may be unveiling this time around. >> reporter: whatever apple is about to announce next week, the faithful have already decided it's going to be a new iphone, it is going to be cool, and the buzz is about to go into overdrive whether you want one or not.
3:56 am
>> honestly, i would love for the new phone to do my taxes and vote for the right candidate for president. >> here is my invite here. so typically apple. doesn't say anything about the iphone. under the 12, date for the 12th. throws a shadow of the number five. you can bet that means it is for iphone 5. >> is showing off possible prototype. scores of tech blogs have been playing the guessing game, basically nonstop from the last time they expected an iphone 5. last year. it turned out to be the iphone 4 s. they say the new iphone will have a bigger screen. and a new connector at the bottom. >> the speculation, rumors drive more and more excitement. i am sure apple will do something that will wow the crowd. >> reporter: whatever it is, analysts seem certain apple will sell a record number, possibly more than $100 billion worth of iphones next year. securing its food hold as the single most popular smartphone in a sea of competition. >> right now, everyone is trying to out-apple, apple.
3:57 am
they're trying to do things they would expect apple to do. apple is setting the tone. in the industry. >> reporter: by the way, did we mention an ipad mini, may be on the way soon too. what about iphone 6. neal karlinsky, abc news, san francisco. >> the lines are going to be long. it's apple, iphone 6 will be out in three months. all the type starts again. >> then they have invisipad. i can't keep track of everything at home. ipad. the nano, macbook pro, what's the other one? >> i have lost track too. >> give me the mac. >> making money on top of money. people will be lined up next week. no one does it better than apple. that's the news for this half-hour of the show. don't miss updates on facebook at >> on twitter,@abcwnn. use the #wnnfans. thank you for watching. >> announcer: this is abc's
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